At Real In Town local discussion is a valuable resource. We believe that people can moderate their own groups, with their own rules.

Censorship is on the rise and we're fed up with it. It's beyond aggravating to find yourself in Facebook jail or your discussions removed. More and more they push us into secret groups and continue to invest in ways to limit your audience. Meanwhile Facebook maintains tremendous amounts of data on their users and run their advertising platform with very little actual oversight.

Facebook expects people will continue to conform until they set the standard for "acceptable" speech. Don't dare be off the cuff, politically incorrect, tell the truth or show a sense of humor - or risk being an outcast. The system works great for Facebook, mind you, with people tattling on their neighbors and fellow country men. 

  • We will not link our user accounts to any other sites.
  • Choose to Verify your account, and users will know you're a real person.
  • No reporting of posts. We simply do not have reporting in our system.
  • We do not use typical online ad banners that track you. 
  • We only source local advertisers.

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Verification is not required. If you want to prove that your a real person, Real In Town will Verify your account, free of charge. We do recommend it for anyone, especially for those who are well known in their communities. Once verified, a blue check icon  will appear next to your name. If you would like to be verified, just let us know after you register. 

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